SADAD Service

SADAD Service

SADAD Service

The features you need to know:

Facilitates Greater Convenience

Flexibility by providing you additional options to pay for utility bills and government services.

Safe And Secure

Safe and secure payment method under the auspices of SAMA.

Prevents Theft

Reduces the risks of carrying cash and prevents theft.

Payments are instantaneous.

Payment System is the Kingdom's central Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) service provider. SADAD, which is owned by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA), facilitates and streamlines payments between individuals, banks, businesses, and the government sector by enabling both parties to issue bills and pay them instantly and seamlessly through the system

This system allows you to pay bills electronically to service providers enrolled in the SADAD service.
Each service provider, or biller has a unique code. Each transaction is given a reference number to be used while making both regular and advance payments.

Instant payment of bills through a variety of channels.

Please be aware of the following requirements:


  • SADAD Service form signed at the Branch. For payments via the Call-Center or Internet Banking, prior registration is required.

Charges and minimum required balance

No minimum balance is required.