mada Pay Service

mada Pay Service

Pay Using Your Phone with mada Pay

Download mada Pay* application, add SAIB mada Cards, Travel Card and Shopping Card, and enjoy ease of pay at stores by tapping your phone over Point of Sale terminals.

* For Android operating system devices
* Terms and conditions apply

mada Pay application depends on the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology where customers can pay at stores by waving their phones at POS terminals to make payments using any Card they added to the application without having to carry and show the actual plastic card for maximum payments of SAR 100 per transaction without the need to enter pin (the same limit applied to mada atheer service).

This service is available at merchants and stores registered to this service. These stores place the service label at their POS terminal.

To download the application on your Android device, please click here.

For user guide and activation steps, please click here.

To view the service terms and conditions, please click here.

For FAQs about the service, please click here.


What is mada Pay?

mada Pay is a mobile application that provides cardholders a convenient and new way to pay for purchases at stores through Android-based mobile devices by simply adding their cards into the application..

Is mada Pay available for IOS operating devices?

mada Pay is only available on Android devices and can be downloaded from the official Google Play store..

What if my mobile is lost or stolen?

Your mada Pay app will not function unless your mobile is unlocked by one of the authentication methods you have selected in the mobile settings. Therefore, you need to immediately contact your card-issuing bank to suspend the cards and follow their procedure for these issues.

How many cards can I add to my mada Pay?

There is no limit on the number of cards that you can add to mada Pay. All your bank cards can be added in mada Pay.

Can I do payment transactions thru mada Pay while my mobile is locked?

No, you need to use one of the screen unlock methods to identify you as the authorized user to perform the transaction.

Should I always be connected to the internet to perform a transaction?

No need to be connected to the internet when making a transaction except while adding a card into mada Pay. However, from time to time the app will request you to be connected to the internet in order to sync your cards for continuous use.